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Meme! ^^

Dec. 20th, 2008 | 01:43 am
mood: calm calm
music: 坂本真綾 - 雨が降る

foshokku gave me an --M--

so heres 10 things i love, starting with the letter "M" ^^

01. Music --> the one thing i can't live without ^^

02. Macintosh --> the reason why i'm never gonna buy use windows ever again m(_ _)m also, its the 1st computer i've managed to use for sooo long, without crashing XD

03. Money --> a common choice XD

04. Matenrou OPERA (摩天楼オペラ) --> 1 of my top fav VK bands! <3

05. Minekura Kazuya (峰倉かずや) --> the mangaka who drew Saiyuki, which is the anime which made me fall in love with animes m(_ _)m heh cant find her pictures though :P

06. MY STORY (album) --> 1 of my top fav albums by Ayu ^^

07. MELL --> i love her voice *o* she made me pay attention to I've Sound too, though i've always liked KOTOKO & Kawada Mami :P

08. Miniature dogs --> i usually prefer cats because i'm a total cat-lover, but miniature dogs are just too cute to be true <3 and they don't scare me when they're mini XD

09. Maze (song) --> this song kicks more ass than regular TVXQ songs because its Jae's solo song & i just have this very soft spot for him (& Xiah) :P plus, this song just proves how well he can sing <3

10. Mangas --> can't imagine life without them anymore ^^

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